If Digital Marketing Works for Avocados, Of Course It Will Work for You

If Digital Advertising Works for Avocados, Of Course It Will Work for You

Our Facebook advertising, lead generation, and digital marketing clients at Seychelle Media come from every type of business and industry. Construction, travel, hospitality, real estate, legal professionals, health and wellness products, mortgage lending, automotive—the list goes on and on.

Many of our best clients weren’t even sure that digital advertising would work for their needs and their client base, until they tried it. Now, these same “doubters” are some of our greatest evangelists, telling other business professionals just how powerful the combination of Big Data + creativity + experience + the massive outreach of online engagement really is.

And in case you hadn’t guessed it, the “plus creativity plus experience” is the part where Seychelle Media comes in. Our team is both, and they and know how to take our company’s alliance with the biggest of the big names in Big Data and turn it into dynamic campaigns that target, engage and produce measurable results.

But instead of talking about Seychelle Media… let’s talk about avocados. Because even if you adore avocados, you have to acknowledge that they are a green or black “lump” of a fruit, with a mild (dare we say bland?) flavor, with  not a lot else going for it other than some awesome health benefits.

And yet, somehow, avocados have become one of the sexiest, trendiest, hottest items in the world today. Think we are overstating? Nope, read on…

Seychelle Media Didn’t Make Avocados Famous with Digital Marketing, But We Wish We Had

If you grew up in South America, sunny California or maybe south Florida, then you grew up eating avocados.  If not, then avocados were just something that perhaps your Mom or Dad occasionally turned into guacamole. As people grew more interested in healthier eating, avocado visibility started to improve. But it wasn’t until avocados “went digital” that they found their true glory.

  • Search Instagram and you’ll find over 9.9 Million posts for #avocado and over 1.2 Billion for #avocadotoast. That’s more than twice as many posts just for avocado as there are for #kardashian.
  • In 2013, Gwyneth Paltrow made “avocado on toast” one of the key ingredients in her bestselling cookbook It’s All Good.
  • By 2015, avocados had been recognized as the top food on social media.
  • In 2018, Virgin Trains offered passengers ages 26 to 30, a discount on train travel if they showed an avocado at the ticket office, which literally means, avocados have become currency
  • In 2018, 100 times more avocados were imported to China than were imported in 2011.

Look, we could go on and on with the fame and fortune of avocados. But you get the picture. If building a presence via social media and digital marketing can do this for the “Persea Americana” (–that’s the scientific name for avocados), can you imagine the potential it holds for your brand, your product and your services? 

So call us. Let’s get together over some avocado toast and talk about your digital marketing needs.

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