Digital Disruption: Think It Can’t Happen to You?

“The best way to achieve this is to understand that integrated digital marketing and the tactical methodologies that underpin it are not only cool ideas, but potentially core to being able to successfully connect with future prospects.”

In ARDA’s Developments magazine for 2015, Seychelle Media’s co-founders Brooke Doucha and Jason Tremblay talk “Digital Disruption: Think It Can’t Happen to You?” with some key advice on digital marketing integration and strategies for companies that are lagging behind in 2015.

Here’s an excerpt from , or read the full article instantly at ARDA’s Developments magazine.

Marketing innovation is no different. What may appear to be a seemingly small and inconvenient interruption today (an iPhone at the sales table) or what may appear to be an insignificant segment of today’s leads or sales (in-bound Internet leads) can quickly shift to become all that matters.

Our infographic How to Turn Visitors into Brand Ambassadors: Digital Marketing is also featured alongside the article.

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