Digital Advertising Authority? YES! Playground-Style Work Environment? Not So Much!

Digital Advertising Authority? YES! Playground Work Environment? NO!

When you meet any member of the team at Seychelle Media, you immediately notice their high-energy level, intensity and passion for their job. Frankly, it is an amazing group, loaded with talent, creativity, experience and ridiculous amounts of intuition and insight.

But what makes them that way? And what sustains it?

Good questions!

If you haven’t been to the Seychelle Media offices, let me describe them. We don’t buzz around the office on rollerblades, hoverboards or Segways. We don’t hang out in beanbag chairs, hammocks or nap pods. And our commons areas don’t even boast air hockey, a ping pong table or a vintage Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots game.

We do have a nifty “brain bar” where we can gather and work collaboratively. And we have lots of office space where people can FOCUS. We knew long before CBS and others announced it, that people need private spaces in order to concentrate and produce. (See: Open office plans are the worst)

And here’s what else we have: a powerful sense of commitment to our clients.

The Seychelle Media Digital Advertising team is driven to produce results. We get wildly excited when our clients tell us they love what we do. And even more excited when we see proof in the numbers that our work is delivering more leads, better qualified leads and greater ROI for our clients.

Our work space is just fine, but it is designed for working. Our clients aren’t paying us to play games; they are paying us to deliver results. And we take that responsibility very seriously.

The Truth about Digital Advertising

We’re skeptical that any organization really needs a playground-like environment in order to be creative and productive. And we absolutely put our foot down when it comes to the argument made by some agencies that the requisites of digital ads restrict creativity.

Facebook, Instagram and other platforms do have very specific guidelines, but these rules don’t get in our way at all, although they may be challenging for creative firms that have built their business on print or television ads and now are scrambling to learn about digital advertising platforms.

Just to be clear, our talented team is having a ball doing what we do every day. We help clients grow their brand, make more money, reach more and better qualified prospects and re-engage with existing customers. With all that to spice up your day, who needs plastic robot games in their office?


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