The OTHER Important Stat for Digital Advertising

The other important digital advertising stat

You read a lot about how much and how fast digital advertising spend is growing. But here’s the other, equally as important stat to know:

In 2018, the percentage of time consumers spent on desktop and mobile ad channels grew by 18 percent for desktop and 33 percent for mobile.

In other words, brands are spending more AND consumers are responding, not just by making more purchases and buying decisions that originate with digital advertising, BUT by also engaging more with digital ad platforms. They are seeking and using digital ads confidently as a resource for their buying or booking needs.

Consumers may not yet be voicing it, they may not have even realized that the shift has occurred, but as a marketplace with needs, we are all coming to understand that targeted advertising, saves us time and distraction. When you’re in the market for diapers, it’s a real timesaver for you if advertisers already know whether you’re shopping for Pampers …or for Depends.

Defined not distracted is an optimal environment both for brands and for consumers.

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