Curating Brand Assortment with Facebook

Curating Brand Assortment | Seychelle Media

Starting in October, the Wisconsin-based retailer, Kohl’s will be partnering with Facebook, curating brand assortment. In upcoming months, Kohls will feature a new assortment of brands represented in more than 50 of its bricks and mortar stores and on its website. With the help of Facebook, Kohl’s will then identify and engage with brands that have built a strong online community on Facebook. Each quarter, Kohl’s plans to refresh the assortment of brands it presents and analyzes.

What’s the objective? According to Kohl’s, their plan is to “surprise and delight customers.”

Chief Merchandising Officer Doug Howe says, “Curated by Kohl’s provides the opportunity for us to showcase innovation, connect with digital retailers and team up differently with best-in-class digital platforms like Facebook.”

“We’re excited,” said Doug Frisbie, Director of North America Marketing, Facebook, “to collaborate with Kohl’s in a new way to identify and connect with emerging brands that have fostered a community and grown a business on our platform.”

Curating brand assortment with Facebook — pretty kuel stuff, Kohls! #FacebookMarketing #FacebookAdvertising #SeychelleMedia

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