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Ready to talk about launching conquest campaigns? When marketers say they are “killing it,” they are usually talking about dominating in their niche or space, grabbing the sales they should have plus the sales that typically would be going to their competitors. Going after your competition’s existing (and even prospective) clients is the purpose of a conquest campaign.

Conquest campaigns position brands to convert clients in two ways. You can either convince your competitor’s clients to buy a comparable product from you or you can convince them to buy a different, but more desirable product. Either way, you are marketing outside your current clients with the intent of shaking up your niche, crushing your competition, and increasing your sales.

In defining the market you can reach through a conquest campaign, you can even include prospects who have not yet purchased from your competitors, but would be inclined to do so because they buy other types of products from them. Without your strategic and disruptive marketing outreach, these people are your competitor’s “presumed” clientele.

The Beauty of Stealing Your Competitor’s Clients

Targeting your competition’s clients allows you to build on the recruitment, messaging, and marketing your client has already done, and then literally “one up” them. By communicating about your product or service that is better priced or more effective/appealing/desirable, you are starting with the groundwork your competition has already laid, and converting it to work for you instead of for them.   

One of the best ways to crush your competition is to put your product in front of your competitor’s loyal customers telling your compelling story through well targeted, engaging digital advertising.

When your message is specifically and creatively presented to your competition’s clients, you’ll leave those consumers with no alternative but to choose your brand instead of the one they normally buy.

Conquest Campaigns Because

Conquest campaigns are built on understanding your competitor’s clients better than they do. Here’s how we do that at Seychelle Media:

  • Because we have the Big Data relationships, we can tap into transactional data. By identifying a consumer’s buying pattern and history, analyzed from American Express, VISA, Mastercard, and other purchasing, we can define precisely the prospects you want to pursue.
  • Not just any message will do the trick. So, our next step involves scrutinizing your competition’s marketing and brand message plus what your brand is currently doing and saying, and then developing a compelling story that gives the target no choice but to select you.
  • The other critical component is delivery. At Seychelle Media, we partner exclusively with data sources that have an established track record of honoring privacy and compliance guidelines. Then we build for our clients, a strategy that employs tactics that are proven and effective. We reach these targets by being present in the online places they are already engaged with, delivering messaging and offers they WANT to hear. We protect our clients from wasting their resources pursuing consumers who have little to no likelihood of ever being their client.
Conquest campaigns deploying tactics that are proven and effective.
Conquest campaigns for deploying tactics that are proven and effective.

Conquest campaigns are some of the most exciting to deploy because they convert so extremely well. They work when the campaign is active plus they give you an afterglow period immediately following the campaign where they continue to deliver.

Ready to snatch prospects out of your competition’s buying funnel? The right conquest campaign, delivered strategically, may be exactly what your brand needs to start killing it.

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