Checklist for Using Video in Online Marketing

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Are you, like many other businesses and brands, gearing up to use more video in online marketing?

Our changing world has pushed many brands and businesses to shift most or even all brand messaging, marketing, and advertising to digital. With your audience online now more than ever, digital messaging is likely to be among your best tactical marketing moves.

In the minds of many business owners, marketing departments, or sales and marketing decisionmakers, digital equates to video. Although digital engagement, particularly digital advertising, has a lot more (incredible) tools in addition to video, there’s no denying that video, done well, can pack a powerful punch.

But what about video makes it an effective medium for engaging, communicating, or selling to your market? What makes some videos succeed and others fall flat?

Video for Online Marketing

For a video to serve your business or brand as a marketing tool, it typically needs to be purpose-built. In other words, you need to have approached your video, no matter how short or long it is, with these factors in mind:

  • Who is my audience?
  • Which platform will reach my target best?
  • What is the single result or objective we want to achieve with this video?

When you know the answer to all of these questions you are ready to create your video.

Your Video Needs a Beginning, a Middle, and an End (obvious but not so obvious)

If you’ll be using YouTube for your video’s platform, you’ll need a video that is of a sufficient length to engage and communicate with your audience. Typically, this is the one- to three-minute range, with two minutes often being a sweet spot.

On the other hand, 15-second videos often are among the most effective on Facebook. Using quantified data to determine who your audience is and how you can best reach them gives you your starting point.

Next, comes your checklist:

  • Start strong. The first few seconds are critical in determining whether you captivate your audience or lose them. The expression “lead with your best punch” fits here.
  • Follow your strong start with content that is insightful, eye opening, or informational. Show your audience something they didn’t know or might not have thought about without your video “nudge”.
  • Finally, make sure you wrap your video with a clear-cut call to action. Don’t leave your viewer to speculate on what the next step might be—tell them!

Above all else, when you seriously want to make your marketing efforts pay off, be strategic. Bigtime hard data is available and select digital advertising services can help you drill down to your optimal target and directly engage.

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Checklist for Using Video in Online Marketing

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