The Value of Brand Awareness

The Value of Brand Awareness

Since Facebook, Twitter, and other popular platforms first carved out their place in our lives, marketers have struggled with how to measure the success of social media engagement. Basic lessons in marketing have proven that being clever and even memorable may not always translate directly to sales.

The most talked about moments of Super Bowl advertising don’t always include the ever-important detail of brand recognition. The result may be chuckles and sharing about that “hilarious and clever commercial” paired with the inability to recall precisely which beer, which luxury car or which laundry detergent it represented. Likewise, making a feisty chihuahua your brand spokesperson may be great for the sale of chihuahuas but may do nothing to enhance the sale of your company’s tacos. In fact, missed-their-mark initiatives can do great harm to a brand if they create a void in your meaningful and effective advertising and brand messaging.

When companies look to cut budgets, marketing departments often find themselves challenged to justify why they invest energy and effort into attracting clicks and likes. Is it really a good use of our company’s budget to pay a marketing professional to share videos of cats or chihuahuas on their social media sites?

Why Brand Awareness Matters

Out of sight—out of mind is unfortunately true. When you are not building trust and expanding brand awareness, your competitors who are, move past you. With brand strength also comes resiliency. Established brands that continually feed and nurture their market presence can weather the surges and success-moments of their competitors; they can survive slow economies and they can even rebound more quickly from their own flawed chihuahua messaging, weak product launch or glitch in customer service.

A strong, organized brand message reminds people continually what they like about you, why they trust your products and why you’ve earned both your market position and their buying confidence.

Target Yes, But Never Stop Casting a Wider Net

At Seychelle Media we talk a lot about our fantastic capabilities to target your precise market with a message uniquely crafted to promote a specific product or event. We don’t as often share how very effectively we can help businesses strengthen brand awareness.

Well-crafted, brand-driven messaging may not cha-ching in your ‘cash register’ today, but it does remind your current clients why they are glad they do business with you. Just as importantly, it trickles and tickles in the minds of your not-quite-target audience, capturing their interest and laying the groundwork for choosing you when they become ready to purchase your product or engage your services. Brand messaging effectively feeds the funnel that ultimately feeds your lead generation funnel.

Marketing is a sprint. And a marathon. Targeted marketing backed up by wider-net outreach can help you compete and succeed in both.

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