Trust Data, Not Your Gut. Big Data Rules

Trust Data, Not Your Gut. Big Data Rules

Great marketing minds, seasoned advertising veterans and even marketing and messaging rookies get sucked in by the same mistake. They want to trust their gut. Instead, they should be trusting the cold, hard facts of Big Data.

Big Data Doesn’t Lie

Marketing and advertising success aren’t built on intuition. How intuitive does it seem for a major airline to encourage people to “fly less”? And yet, KLM airline has just launched a major campaign doing exactly that. What seems “logical” simply isn’t always the answer. Brands and organizations don’t have to rely on the intuition of their marketing team when Big Data is out there delivering them verified statistics about the interests, actions, needs, opinions, activities, buying patterns and SO MUCH MORE of their target market.

At Seychelle Media, we work directly with the biggest names in Big Data, including Acxiom, Experian, Datalogix, Personicx, Oracle, TransUnion, ComScore, Epsilon and others. We don’t rely on guesswork, divining rods or Ouija boards…and neither should you.

Let us introduce you to the power of leveraging Big Data relationships for customer acquisition, retention, and engagement.

More on How KLM Airlines is Making Marketing History

KLM, Royal Dutch Airlines has made headway, according to its CEO Pieter Elbers, in weight reductions, carbon offsetting, recycling and even a sustainable fuel plan. But now they have taken a bigger step, launching their “Fly Responsibly” campaign.

Their video, seen below, issues this challenge to others in the airline industry as well as to their own airline’s passengers:

“We, the first commercial airline in the world, today kindly invite you, all travelers and the aviation industry to join forces. To join us in making the world aware of our shared responsibility. We all have to fly every now and then. But next time, think about flying responsibly.”

Supported by the website Fly Responsibly, KLM is offering strategies to help passengers compensate for their CO2 emissions and even goes so far as to urge passengers to “consider making video calls instead of meeting face to face.”

Some will call this campaign greenwashing, but one thing’s certain, KLM has gotten everyone’s attention by positioning themselves as the “first commercial airlines” to take this environmentally responsible stand.

Only time and data will tell us for sure how successful this campaign is for strengthening the KLM brand, but we already know it has hit a home run when it comes to grabbing positive headlines.  

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