Big Data? At Seychelle Media, We Call it Brobdingnagian Data

Seychelle Media Big Data

Maybe we should really stop talking about Big Data here at Seychelle Media. The truth is, we passed “big” a while ago.

Through our working partnerships with data providers we often describe as “the biggest dogs of big data,” we’re the gateway to THOUSANDS of data points for targeting and engaging with prospects. When your brand has a market to reach via digital advertising, we’ve got the capacity to get you precisely where you want to go.  

Granular Data Drill Down

Before we dive into the blue ocean of data that’s available, we work with each of our clients to define their very specific needs. For example, many brands need to filter their advertising and messaging by prospect age, income, creditworthiness, marital status, employment, number and age of children, home ownership, and other similar factors.

Great! We’ve got you covered. Consider it done.

And beyond these big picture data points, there are countless details that may matter exclusively to your brand’s sales and marketing outreach. You’re still right here in our big data sweet spot for delivering high quality, targeted leads.

We can drill down on countless aspects of online and offline transactional data, building for you consumer digital personas. Your sales team will be ecstatic when they see how granular we can go in helping you connect with the right consumers for your products or services. Launch a digital advertising campaign with Seychelle Media and your team will literally be dancing around the sales floor if they aren’t too busy closing deals.

Who and How Big?

We are not kidding we say our data relationships are gargantuan, humongous, behemoth, colossal, and a few other words that mean really, really big.

Hyper-Targeted Facebook Ads

As a Facebook Preferred Partner, our track record, plus our aggregated ad spend for our clients, empowers us to display highly relevant ads to appropriate audiences. We are not talking scraped data or outdated profiles. We’re talking access to precise and detailed data sets from ORACLE, Datalogix, Personicx, TransUnion, Comscore, LiveRamp, Epsilon, Acxiom, IHS Markit, and Epsilon.

Woof! These are truly the biggest dogs in Big Data.

Simple. Privacy Compliant. Trustworthy.

But let’s face it. Nothing about our massive data access would be worth anything to you if we couldn’t reach your market. Our process is privacy compliant and trustworthy. Our data partners are active members of trade associations in the countries where they conduct business. They comply with all self-regulatory guidelines and local laws. Native Facebook ads can’t reach the market we reach. But your whitelisted Ad Account through Seychelle Media can.

Big Data? At Seychelle Media, We Call it Brobdingnagian Data

Everything about our process is beyond big. It Brobdingnagian sized.

(Yeah, you do. You know that word.) It comes from Gulliver’s Travels and is the land where everything is ginormous. So why not let Seychelle Media take you there?

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