Timeshare SEO Strategy: Defining Target Audiences

Who searches [timeshare] in Google, and more importantly, what do they search for?

It’s a question that we always ask clients when developing any SEO strategy, but especially for timeshare. Whereas old SEO focused on singular keywords and “rankings over everything,” new SEO strategy is trending towards consumer engagement and content channels.

By using market research and data to pinpoint when and where timeshare owners engage with brands, certain patterns reveal how owners react to content and formulate purchase decisions. These patterns point to certain content types, keywords, social media channels and web design practices that calculate a powerful timeshare SEO strategy. 

For this quick tip, we focused on defining an audience for a timeshare brand that appeals to owners who love golf. See bottom of article for links to suggested tools in this article. 

Tip #1: Target Audience 

Let’s answer the original question. Who searches [timeshare] in Google, and more importantly what do they search for? Here are some key ways to narrow down audiences:

  • Age and gender
  • Income
  • Marital status
  • Geographic location
  • Interests (Don’t forget this step in defining your audience!)


Put yourself in a timeshare owner’s shoes. If you already own timeshare, what do you look like? What are your needs? What types of timeshares interest you? As you put together this narrative, define as much as you can.

Tip #2: Define and Group Specific Interests

What interests a timeshare owner in investing? What types of brands do timeshare owners like? In this part of defining a target, we use tools like Facebook Insights or Sprout Social to pinpoint  specific owner audiences are actively looking for more information on different timeshare brands.

Some interests and brands for our timeshare golfer might include:

  • Exotic golf destinations
  • Family golf destinations
  • All inclusive golf resorts
  • Designer golf courses
  • Jack Nicklaus courses
  • Arnold Palmer courses
  • Bay Hill news
  • Titleist accessories
  • Nike clothing


Defining interests also helps if you decide to do any PPC or paid acquisition campaigns online. By targeting certain interests, you can place your brand directly in front of the right timeshare owner.

Tip #3: Write Your Timeshare Owner’s Narrative

A developed, engaging story of your audience is always important. Here is an example:

One type of timeshare audience is the “golfer with a family.” While age and gender vary, golfers with higher incomes like to travel to safe bets or exotic locations with highly rated courses, and certain groups prefer designer courses such as those by Jack Nicklaus or Arnold Palmer. However, unless the golfer is single, a timeshare is also investment in what their family loves to do.


Suggested Resources and Tools Used in This Article

Facebook Insights: How To & More Audience Insights

Sprout Social

Moz: 8 Tools to Get to Know Your Audience

Now we can build an SEO strategy that points this audience to certain channels with certain keywords, so they find the exact topic they were looking for to make a purchase decision.

In this multi-part series, we look at all of the key components of a complete timeshare SEO strategy.  Stay tuned for our next article: The Art of Keywords for Timeshare SEO


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