7 Steps to Making Your Online Reputation Your Greatest Asset: The Seychelle Media Reputation Management Process

Reputation is critically important in the timeshare business – we don’t need to tell you that. But many companies struggle with how to maintain a top-tier online reputation in this age of complaint-based websites and unrestricted consumer forums that allow unverified claims – and sometimes lump all development entities together.

But even the best of companies receive legitimate complaints from time to time. The key is how to address them.


Before you even can begin to address what’s being said about your brand online, you need to know what is being said on social media (and not just Facebook and Twitter), review and ratings sites, consumer forums, personal blogs, competitors’ microsites, and more. Seychelle Media can manage your monitoring service and utilize reporting insights to create an actionable reputation management plan.


We use a simple, systematic process that includes identifying the goals of your reputation management strategy and prioritizing tactics for maximum efficiency and return on investment.

Compile, sort & prioritize

There are many sources of potential risks online – and it’s not just a bad review on TripAdvisor. The website run by an unhappy former customer – with your brand name in the domain. The lawsuit you settled ages ago but that continues to haunt your business. The unfounded negative posts that keep appearing on your social media accounts. The competitor’s microsite designed to siphon off your search traffic. These all are addressed as appropriate.  


It’s important to look at how much impact each online issue carries. We carefully examine the current and future risk based on the content, its source, and who’s seeing it.

Neutralize, suppress or convert

We don’t just push out spammy content to try and simply drown out the negative noise. Instead, we help great timeshare companies be proactive in preserving the trust and credibility they’ve earned. So, we seek to engage consumers in a manner consistent with your brand message.


We create content through social media assets, blogs, press releases, syndicated articles and microsites and initiate tactics like link building to defend your brand and company, long-term. Throughout this process, your brand remains at the forefront – plus, you’re gaining high-quality content that promotes your visibility.

Monitor and act on findings

The reality is that online reputation management is an evergreen process, with new challenges arising all the time. So, monitoring and acting on findings is an ongoing process.

Seychelle Media can partner with you in attaining and maintaining a good online reputation. Request a quote for more details.


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