4 Tips for Growing Timeshare Leads with Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a new wave of possibilities for timeshare marketing. When used correctly, marketing automation is software and strategies that allow companies to nurture prospects with useful, targeted content that makes prospects into customers. This is a new source of revenue for timeshare resorts and provides an excellent return on the investment required.

However, it’s not the easiest marketing initiative to execute because it requires knowledge of different digital marketing channels and the right software to create the specific flows needed for timeshare prospects. Most of all, marketing automation allows you to prioritize audiences and create leads that will be the most likely to convert.

We’ve come up with 4 tips that can help create the best marketing automation programs for timeshare lead generation:

Build (Don’t Buy) Better Lists

Marketing automation works best within a list of prospects that timeshare resorts have already created.For example, over the years Timeshare Resort A has gotten a list of 350,000 owner’s emails. These owners may receive email campaigns occasionally, but you’ve never thought to market to them through marketing automation. With this list, Timeshare Resort A can start measuring campaigns to see which contacts are most interested in what products, then automatically send out new communications featuring exactly what the prospect has expressed interest in before.


Scale Up Over Time

You don’t want to start with too many marketing automation flows. It’s best to pick one goal to start with. For example, Timeshare Resort A may want to generate more leads by inviting owners to refer people they know. You can start a campaign flow that sends out an initial email requesting referrals and suggesting some kind of reward for doing so. Of those who opened in that email, marketing automation tracks what the person clicked. If they expressed interest but didn’t follow through, they get another email in 3, 7 or 10 days reminding them about the offer. This works for all different types of leads and can help push promotions, new tours and of course, new lead generation.


Nurture Owner Relationships

You don’t want to lose sight of the bigger objective with marketing automation. You want to initiate and maintain a valuable relationship with the audience so that it ultimately makes them want to interact more with your brand every day. If you deliver high value content related to their interests, you’re more likely to get more shares and tours than if you simply spam email campaigns to your list.

You also want to collaborate with your timeshare sales team. You can identify and define lead stages, hand-off SLAs, conversion criteria and different marketing flows that will support revenue generating streams.


Communicate with Sales Teams

In addition to that last tip, you shouldn’t just collaborate with a sales team, but you should make them apart of your marketing automation systems. If they don’t know what marketing messages are being sent through automation, it will make it difficult to nurture relationships with customers who respond to your marketing materials. Ultimately sales has to always be kept in the loop. We recommend providing a schedule and some basic script information to go with each marketing automation campaign. This way, your sales team always has what they need to make the conversion a success.


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