3 Ways to Improve Timeshare Sales with Digital Marketing

Sooner or later, it was bound to happen. Timeshare has moved into the digital age. Now more than ever, timeshare resorts are thinking about the long game. They want to know how social media, email marketing and data fit into the big picture of bigger, better ROI.

To take steps in the right direction for your timeshare marketing plan in 2015, consider these quick tips:

1. Target Your Audience

Timeshare is about knowing the room and how to work it. When you have a timeshare audience in your sales department, selling is natural, but the online world seems riskier to timeshare marketers. However, it’s actually the easiest and best way to gain entirely new and specific insights into your audience, as well as automatically marketing to them through various digital marketing mediums.

For example, you can target an audience on Facebook and create an ad that pertains specifically to the offer you would want your audience to see. You can gain powerful insights into what your audience likes and how they responded to your advertising, and it’s all right there for you to view online.

2. Personalization

The digital marketing world is about knowing your audience and marketing right to them in a way that makes it almost unacceptable to say no to your offer. With the right tools and campaigns, you can personalize everything from your email marketing, print marketing and banner ads to social media and TripAdvisor profiles. The possibilities are endless to how digital marketing and social media marketing can better personalize your timeshare offer.

3. Act on Real-Time Data

Want a better ROI? Follow the data. With digital marketing, you can track everything that your guests are doing when they view your page to when they click on a Facebook post. You can understand more about what they want to see and develop the perfect offer, then monitor the numbers to create better offers. Through a process called marketing automation, you can even create offers that are automatically generated for certain customer types.

Timeshare digital marketing is accelerating at a rapid pace. If you want to jumpstart your digital marketing campaigns for your resort, contact our timeshare marketing team. We’re the only timeshare digital marketing experts with real experience in timeshare growth and sales.

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