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SEO Website Audit | Website Review with Expert Recommendations

SEO Site Audit

There’s three key components of SEO auditing: technical, content and authority. We begin by assessing a website’s current state by conducting an audit of each of these areas, providing a report of issues that need to be addressed as well as recommendations. Typically, we suggest first addressing any significant technical issues, then optimizing existing content. Ongoing SEO management and traffic growth will require content development and authority building through authorship and link-building.

Our website audit uses best practices to review the technical, content and competitive authority of a website. We’ll provide an audit report detailing issues to be addressed and also recommendations.

We pride ourselves on making the SEO Site Audit process clear, actionable and understandable by IT teams, marketing and communications professionals and executives.

Our Seychelle SEO Site Audit is always:

  • Written clearly and precisely by our SEO experts for ease of comprehension
  • Prioritized and itemized, ready for actionable execution
  • Customized to your project and tailored to your business goals
  • Supported by our SEO analyst team for follow-up questions after recommendations are provided

Your SEO Audit will include the following assessments:


  • URLs
    • Search friendly URLs
    • Assessment of directory structure and link equity disbursement
    • Navigation and internal linking review
    • 301 re-direct audit
    • Proper use of rel canonicalization and 301 canonical
    • Proper use of parameter and session IDs
  • Duplicate Content Technical Audit
    • Scraped content check and Google removal request
    • Tracking parameter best practice
    • Subdomain dup content review
    • Secure website dup content review
  • Accessibility
    • Robots.txt audit
    • Pagination accessibility audit
    • Content delivery and use of javascript, flash or iframes audit
    • Broken link audit
    • Flash or javascript navigation audit
  • Internal linking best practice review of density per page, content links, nav and footer links
  • Site speed assessment
  • Presence and proper use of Alt text
  • Error audit (4xx, 5xx, XML sitemap and soft 404’s)
  • Code compliance with W3C HTML validator and CSS validator.
  • Presence and proper use of XML sitemap
  • Microformat and Google rich snippet optimization
  • Tracking and analytics
    • Google analytics goal conversion tracking and e-commerce set-up and/or audit
    • Tracking for external and internal promotions
    • Event tracking
    • Assess conversion tracking issues such as offline conversions sourced from online campaigns


  • Keyword research & ROI driven prioritization of “head”, “mid-tail” and “long-tail” keywords
  • Keyword cannibalization review
  • Keyword stuffing and over-optimization review
  • Identification and removal of duplicate and/or templated “madlib” content
  • Top landing page audit
    • Content review (quality, persuasiveness, brand voice & behavioral intent of user)
    • Keyword density
    • Title tag audit and optimization
    • Description tag audit and optimization
    • Header tag audit and optimization
    • Meta tag data removal
  • Page formatting review
  • Content to ads audit (Panda compliance)
  • Image meta data audit and optimization of alt text and file-names


  • Outbound link audit of relevancy and trust
  • Banklink profile audit
    • Identification of spammy site-wide backlinks
    • Backlink anchor text density and distribution audit
    • Backlink no-follow ratio audit
    • Identification of non-relevant and toxic links
    • Backlink neighborhood trust-rank assessment
  • Domain and landing page authority grade
  • Malware and spam blacklist check
  • Social engagement assessment

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