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Gmail Sponsored Promotions | Contextual & Domain Targeting

Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Always changing and evolving with the needs of consumers and marketers, Google launched an incredible targeting opportunity – Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP) – in beta in 2013.

GSP captures consumers when they’re in their inbox, which today means gearing up for “consumer mode.” But GSPs are transparent and don’t hide themselves precariously. They can be found in the Promotions tab of your Gmail and appear just like an email but are highlighted as an ad. Accordingly, because consumers are in the mode of knowing that when they check their email they’re going to see promotions, the click-through rate on GSPs is 20% higher than Gmail text ads. It’s a huge opportunity for extremely targeted marketing and allows you to embed videos, lead forms and a call to action.

Here’s how Google Sponsored Promotions works:

When you click on the subject line of the GSP, it expands like an email. Then, you can perform one of the following actions:

  • Save to inbox – the ad will be saved to your inbox like a normal email.
  • Dismiss – you’ll stop seeing this ad.
  • Forward – Send the mail onto a friend. (Yes! Bring on the traffic!)

There’s also a teaser ad on the right side of the email to further push the brand. The ad displays a maximum of 10 times every 30 days. This means great visibility for your brand, but you won’t go overboard with your customers. The ads are displayed transparently and Google always allows the customer the option to never see the ad again by dismissing it or clicking “x.”

You can target your audience based on gender, age and interests; target popular keywords in a user’s inbox; target certain domains, purchases, email lists and jobs.

With Google Sponsored Promotions, targeting is the name of the game. You can target your promotion by:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Languages
  • Locations
  • Interest Categories
  • Keywords, or contextual targeting (actual words used in the users email ie: vacation rental etc.)
  • Domain targeting (targets users receiving email from specific domains such as competitors etc.)
  • Purchases (target users with complementary products or services based on recent purchases)
  • Mailing Lists
  • Jobs

Optimizing GSP Campaigns – The Possibilities are Virtually Endless

  • GSP campaigns can be optimized looking at performance of each targeting attribute and adjusting targeting as necessary. Marketers can start with a wide range of targeting options, eliminating underperforming elements as the campaign corrals data.
  • Optimize creative ads with varied links, making everything clickable.
  • Create a custom landing page-like environment, instead of using a single image for creative.
  • Use callouts, segments of content, a variety of calls to action, or even embedded forms directly in the creative.
  • Link to a specific landing page in order to minimize cost per external click metrics.

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