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Be where your current and potential customers are already hanging out, sharing their opinions and crowdsourcing their friends and family to find the best products and services: via social media. These channels offer a natural way to open up, ignite or add to real two-way dialogue with your customers. And let’s not forget they’re a great vehicle to drive traffic to your website and specific calls to action.

The management of social media channels can be time-consuming and can feel like a slow return on investment – that is, if you don’t have clearly planned goals, content and seamless integration with your online marketing strategy.

We’d like to take this opportunity to say that we love social media. Especially when engagement creates positive changes for organizations. You can hire companies that offer comprehensive, overwhelming listening dashboards with data overload that you’ll get to “next Tuesday.” Or you can hire us to create an innovative, current social media strategy that’s relevant to accomplishing your business and digital marketing goals, creates new conversion channels and uses messaging that’s optimized to increase your online visibility.

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Our Social Media Communication Strategy Services give you an opportunity to leverage these powerful communication vehicles to create:

  • Customer servicing, often providing you with the ability to create customer resolution opportunities in real-time
  • A Virtual newsfeed about your company’s new developments, products and services. Use these channels to “break news” about important company updates, leading the story before anyone else.
  • An authoritative voice for your company/brands/leadership team that will earn you credibility
  • A live brand experience that customers can (virtually) touch and interact with
  • A brand personality that humanizes your brand, company and its people, differentiating it from all others in its category
  • Engaging, well-planned editorial content that responds to customer feedback and matches the purpose of each social media channel (video on YouTube, company and career information on LinkedIn, sound bytes and snippets on Twitter, images and short-form video on Instagram etc.)

Our Social Media Communications Services include:

  • Social Media Communications Strategy
    Social media channels can be #useless if you just jump in head-first. We believe that each channel requires specific goals and objectives in order to create real performance and return. We’ll start by learning your high-level business goals and translate those into a dynamic and integrated approach with supporting activities that will maximize each channel. We’ll also outline which social media communities are worth monitoring and how you can naturally enter these communities and form relationships.
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
    There’s real opportunity on social media channels to turn activity into action. More often than not, it doesn’t come in the form of responding to a direct offer – like a “deal,” which can be perceived as spammy – but rather through engagement or messaging encouraging a specific call to action. Social Media Marketing enables us to closely target social media users by their interests, activity and intent as expressed by their content. Learn more about how we can craft social media campaigns that drive customers to convert
  • Social Media Editorial Planning
    Planning your content increases the depth of your storytelling, enhances your brand’s integrity and voice and strengthens your messaging across all social media channels. Through strategic content planning, you’ll also enact signals of trust and engagement that increases relevancy with search engines such as Google.
  • Social Media Audit
    Before we engage with you on your social media strategy, we like to complete an audit of your accounts and activity on each social media channel. Let’s face it, you may not need that MySpace account anymore or that Twitter account you created for the cartoon persona you were going to introduce. The Social Media Audit gives us a chance to evaluate your previous activity, learn what’s worked and what’s fallen flat. We’ll learn your current-state presence so that we can build on the best–and phase out the worst.
  • Social Media Style Guide
    The social media user community is growing, growing, growing. This means that what you say and do on social channels is extremely visible. Every tweet, post or pin counts and impacts how your brand is perceived. We’ll make it easy for your teams to know what type of content is acceptable to post, the guidelines of shortening your naming conventions for character counts, design elements to use and not use and the tone of voice and key messaging for each channel.
  • Social Media Policy
    Everyone’s on social media, including your employees. Let your teams know how you expect them to act on these channels when it comes to where they work. We’re experienced at creating social media policies that are clear, consistent with your voice and make employees feel appreciated and empowered. We’re happy to partner with your human resources and/or legal team to ensure that the final language is compliant and meets the latest standards in protecting your company and employees.
  • Competitive Analysis
    If you want to stand out in your industry as best in class when it comes to social media, our Competitive Analysis is a great way to do it. We’ll learn your competitive set and conduct an in-depth analysis of their social media channel activity to identify top trends, high and low-performing engagement tactics and follower/fan counts. We’ll use this information to provide recommendations to help you gain your share of voice within the social media community.
  • Social Media Branding Package (Social Profile Creation)
    With our Social Media Branding package, we take the guesswork out of the latest specs for social media design. What are the pixel dimensions for the Twitter profile image again? I mean, header? I mean, background? It can be maddening, and suck up your design team’s time. We specialize in designing social media profiles that are clearly and cleverly named and communicate your brand’s image in a customer-friendly, social-media-savvy way.
  • Social Media Management & Community Monitoring
    Does the careful management of your social media channels go to the wayside? We can help. We’ll can manage the daily responsibilities of listening to, posting, responding and engaging with the social media community on your behalf.
  • Social Media Staffing Review
    Are you currently reviewing candidates to bring onboard your in-house team as a brand evangelist, social media specialist or blogger, but don’t know how to evaluate them? We’re great at vetting social media skill sets, activity and potential and would be glad to help you find the perfect fit.
  • Social Media Marketing Analytics
    We’re mad about analytics. Meaning that we appreciate what data can do to help us evaluate the performance of strategies and how we’re effectively supporting the goals of your business and digital marketing strategy. We utilize tools specific to social media measurement and customize our client’s analytics dashboard to the information they need to know – not all other other stuff (and there’s a lot of other stuff). We’ll provide regular reporting on your social media activities and campaigns and help you make it actionable.

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