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To us, public relations isn’t just a “nice to have” when it comes to your digital marketing and communications strategy. It’s an essential part of building your brand’s visibility, credibility and consumer trust - all factors that affect your bottom line. Consumers have many choices when it comes to making a purchasing decision for just about any product or service. And the information and opinions that inform their decisions online is vast, including reviews, tweets and their own crowdsourcing to better understand your brand.

So now, more than ever, it’s vital to set yourself apart with a value proposition unlike any other. A PR strategy integrated with your online and offline marketing communications messaging and activities will do just that. To make it count even more, we believe in measuring the impact of every PR strategy we deploy. It’s smart, helps us adjust and go even bigger and better in the future, and ensures that PR will always have a seat at the decision-maker’s table.

Our Chief Communications Officer and Co-Founder, Brooke Doucha, has been hard at work on developing clever public relations strategies for the vacation ownership industry since 2004. She was recognized for her innovation in PR in 2012 by the American Resort Development Association with a Gold ARDA Award for “Public Relations & Communications Professional.” Her Guest Blogger Program placed as a finalist in the “Social Media Campaign” category that year, too. She’s utilized innovative methods of blending traditional PR like familiarization trips, satellite media tours and executive roundtable interviews with digital PR strategies to leverage relationships with bloggers, online reporters and consumer advocates, create social marketing campaigns, utilize seasonality for travel deal story editorials and more engaging and active concepts. All of these strategies have relied on social media channels as a key vehicle for relationship-building, pitching and messaging delivery. All campaigns and activities were measured to demonstrate ROI.

We specialize in PR for the timeshare industry, but our focus doesn’t stop there. Through a savvy PR strategy with active and current messaging, great companies can continue to be great by developing more brand affinity, creating brand champions and becoming known for their vision, core values and unique product or service offering.

5 Ways We Treat PR Differently

1. We focus on ROI
Whether it’s the impact of a specific PR campaign on customer conversions or your share of voice amongst competitors, we believe in setting clear goals and objectives and measuring against them. We will customize your measurement preferences to ensure your company stakeholders are clear about our reporting methodologies. We’ll also adjust tactics regularly based on performance data to ensure we achieve maximum impact on your communications and marketing initiatives.
2. We cultivate current, effective ideas for PR activities based on your industry and niche
In the discipline of PR, we believe it’s best to not just tell, but also show. With many companies, this translates into communicating the essence of your brand by allowing third-party credibility to speak on its behalf by touching and experiencing your product or service for themselves. We want to get to know your company, industry and competitors better, understand your business goals and create amazing storytelling opportunities that will be worthwhile for the readership we’re targeting. This means eliminating wimpy, empty press releases and launching bold messaging to targeted audiences that will help convey the intrinsic qualities of your brand, strengthen your identity as a company and get people talking.
3. We treat PR as one important component of a multi-channel communication strategy
To maximize your return on investment from your PR strategy, it must integrate with and support your other communications and marketing activities. We take a unified approach to PR by understanding what channels you’ve already established for communications and building a true communications plan that builds on those channels and leverages new ones. We want you to be in the spaces where your voice will meet your audience’s needs and behavioral intents. Based on the needs of your business and targets, we’ll review opportunities within social media channels, business-to-business communication channels and relevant editorial outlets. As a digital marketing agency, we believe that PR should support the overarching goals of your online marketing strategy and will align accordingly.
4. We write very, very well
Good writing is hard to find. Subpar writing is everywhere. We take pride in our team of talented writers and match subject matter experts that fit topically with editorial needs. We believe that compelling, well articulated and optimized content is highly valuable and at the core of all strategic marketing and PR communications. We have the skills to help you develop a tone of voice and key messaging that will pique the interest of media tastemakers–and give your brand the personality it deserves.
5. We know people in the right places
Though our PR experience is rooted in covering vacation ownership, we’ve had the privilege of developing strong relationships with members of the media and bloggers covering nearly every beat and spanning almost every industry. We honor these relationships and believe that exchanges between PR/media representatives should be mutually beneficial, working as a bridge between your needs and the needs of the media.

Seychelle Media’s PR Services Include:

  • Communications Audit & SWOT Analysis: In 
 a brand’s
 and provide strategic recommendations for enhancements.
  • Editorial Content Planning: Provide seamless editorial planning tool for the development of content across company’s external communication channels (social media, blog, PR) that will maximize post visibility and reach, drive conversions and utilize targeted messaging that addresses business goals, market seasonality, corporate responsibility. Supports goals of digital marketing strategy.
  • News Releases: Writing and distribution of news releases according to established PR editorial calendar.
  • Media Outreach: Outreach and story pitching to targeted consumer and blogger contacts to establish credibility and relationships that can be leveraged in the future and gain editorial placement.
  • Industry Relations: Serving as media contact for your company and leveraging industry relationships to pitch placement opportunities, increasing visibility, reach and potential partnership or alliance opportunities.
  • Strategic PR Activity Calendar: We’ll plan a strategic PR activity calendar for 6-12 months out to focus on what matters most, leveraging social media channels and driving to specific calls to action that support your marketing goals.
  • Media Tracking & Reporting: We’ll provide reporting on placements, online impressions and click-throughs, social media comments and other KPIs for PR activities.

Every PR Strategy we design will be customized to our client’s business and target audiences and will support and promote plans for future growth and development.

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