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Seychelle Media was founded on the idea that in online marketing, content is king. What’s different about us is that we believe in carefully planning strategic approaches to how content is delivered, as opposed to simply pushing it and “seeing what happens.”

We believe in honoring the original purpose of content delivery channels, ie.

  • Keeping social media truly social-oriented
  • Creating PR that’s actually strategic and newsworthy (not just another press release)
  • Making your reputation management about your standing, influence and credibility with the public and not about pushing down the negative with spammy content
  • Approaching your brand with the eye of the beholder, not the eye of the designer
  • Creating content that’s not only optimized, but worth reading

Reputation Management

Your reputation can be your greatest asset – or risk, impacting your bottom line. What people are saying about you online matters, and it comes in the form of reviews, social media content, and many other channels that aren’t owned by you. We’ll conduct an online audit of all areas of your current-state reputation and provide strategies and tactics to proactively keep your company looking your very best. Learn more about Reputation Management

Brand Strategy

We’re not a full-service branding agency and don’t claim to be. But we’re fantastic brand architects. If your brand is in need of clarity around your differentiators from competitors, unique value proposition, key messaging and structure, we’re here to give it some TLC. We’ll also evaluate your current brand assets and provide a rebranding package, should you want us to take a fresh look at your image. Learn more about Brand Strategy

Public Relations Strategy

PR is at the core of Seychelle Media. We look at PR as an opportunity to think big-picture about your brand and ensure it’s relevant, credible and personable to the key audiences you want to reach. We honor the discipline of PR by leveraging relationships with members of the media and creating stories that are in the interest of the reader, not just the company we represent. We don’t believe in promoting talking heads through empty press releases. Just real, strategic PR strategies and activities coupled with newsworthy storytelling that creates measurable impact. Learn more about PR Strategy Services

Content Marketing

Because we’re a digital marketing agency, we…

A) Understand the competition in the online space for most every type of business
B) Know that many times, company’s ideas for content ideation can be sparse, duplicative and cannibalizing of other company’s content

That’s why we…

C) Look for ways to editorially plan, curate and deliver original content that matches your brand’s voice, is worthwhile for your readership and meets your content objectives (fun + engaging, educational, trust-building, value-centric – you get the idea). Learn more about Content Marketing Services

Social Media Communications & Social Marketing

Having a presence on social media channels and posting out content regularly doesn’t cut it. We’ll work with you to develop a social media communications & marketing strategy that integrates your editorial content developed for all channels of your business; focuses on driving engagement and brand loyalty and utilizes the latest trends in social media marketing to increase the visibility of your website, enhancing calls to actions and driving customer conversions. Learn more about our Social Media Communications & Marketing Services

Corporate & Crisis Communications

Aligning internal and external messaging is key to maintaining the trust of your employees, shareholders and the public. Together, we can be your corporate and crisis communications partners to build key messaging for important and sometimes difficult organizational changes, conduct media training to prepare your executives and spokespeople for media interactions and develop a customized and confidential crisis and incident communications plan that will prepare you to protect and defend your company and brand. Learn more about our Corporate & Crisis Communication Services

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