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Marketing Automation Consultation Services

Maximize opportunities to reach your customers with timely and ultra-targeted communications through our Marketing Automation Consultation services. We’ll help you develop new, automated trigger or event-based marketing campaigns, creating new conversion funnels. Your messaging can be dynamic and driven by any data element associated with a customer record. This targeted and automated approach, when well-crafted and managed, can have a huge impact on customer re-engagement and conversions.

Marketing Automation is only as powerful as the human capital behind the strategy and implementation. Let Seychelle Media help you develop your Marketing Automation strategy and plan, partnering with your expert internal teams for execution.

Benefits of working with Seychelle Media to create a Marketing Automation Plan
  • Improves every aspect of digital marketing through testing, segmentation, lead scoring and analysis
  • Re-ignite interest in old “dead” leads and re-engage dormant customers
  • Increase the number and percentage of online conversions or qualified prospects channeled to your sales team
  • Reduce marketing costs by increasing revenue generated per marketing dollar spent
  • Reduce the amount of missed sales opportunities and lost leads
  • Reduce human error and prospecting time for sales consultants, creating efficiencies for sales and marketing teams
  • Reduce the length of the sales cycle
  • Increase conversion rates for demand generation and lead nurturing
  • Automatically move leads through your sales funnel based on actions they take, the content they consume and interactions with your emails and website
  • Accelerate qualified leads through your sales funnel
  • Based on salesperson profiles and lead profiles, ensure that leads are channeled to complementary salespeople. This creates more alignment between your sales and marketing teams.
  • Increase customer lifetime value and retention
  • Manage campaigns based on revenue-driven KPIs and ROI
  • Get more value out of a marketing automation investment you may have already made
  • Web-based, user-friendly solutions
Marketing Automation Program Consultation

Our Marketing Automation Program Consultant can assist you with the development and integration of dynamic and data-driven email marketing program. We can develop content and creative assets and manage your lists, creating workflows and reporting.

Our Marketing Automation Consultation services can include:
  • Creation of optimized content and design for campaigns
  • Integration of inbound marketing campaigns with lead-nurturing campaigns
  • Creation of lead-nurturing emails, landing pages and confirmation pages
  • Creation of personalized content, calls-to-action and dynamic forms
  • A/B testing of all lead nurturing and campaign messaging elements
  • Establishment of criteria for lead scoring based on lead source, conversion type, lead attributes and actions taken
  • Setting criteria for conversion funnel path based on a website engagement event as tracked in analytics, or an event or status change in your CRM
  • Channel-based and campaign-based KPI measurement, analytics and reporting
  • Recommendations for marketing automation solution vendor, if not already in place

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