Online Marketing Services

Put our more than 30 combined years of experience in online marketing and communications to work for your business. Integrated or a la carte, each service is focused on creating results for your business.


Brand Strategy

Brands aren’t made overnight – and they’re not defined solely by the products and services a company offers. We’ll take a comprehensive approach to evaluating and evolving your brand’s architecture, value proposition and the intrinsic qualities that’ll make customers want more.

PR Strategy

Don’t just say stuff for the sake of “having a presence” through self-lauding press releases that speak to no one. Using a cross-channel strategy that integrates with your editorial content, we’ll uncover newsworthy stories that will make perfect pitches to targeted media outlets and enhance your value proposition and brand integrity.

Crisis & Corporate Communications

The messages you convey as a company and brand matter to your employees, shareholders, current and prospective customers. Now more than ever, in today’s 24-hour newscycle, it’s vital to have a strong communications strategy that accounts for managing just about any situation that could threaten your brand’s reputation. We’ll help you develop key messaging for internal and external communications and create an iron-clad crisis communications plan that will protect and defend your company and brand.

Content Development

Once visitors are at your website or blog, or checking out your social accounts, you’ll want to keep them there. We’ll develop a creative and strategic editorial plan for your content that’s optimized, worthy of your customer’s attention, emulating the essence of your brand’s voice and integrating timely calls to action.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With the right integrated strategy that includes keyword research and targeting, link building and authentic content creation, we’ll help your brand gain the visibility it deserves, today, tomorrow and in the future.

Social Media Communications

Create highly engaging and planned editorial content that turns your brand’s social media accounts into powerful communications vehicles. You’ll shrink the emotional distance between your brand and consumers and create new channels for reputation management and customer service resolution. All while developing more meaningful and long-term relationships with current and prospective customers.

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Your company’s social media accounts can become profit-driven inbound marketing and lead generation machines through the use of highly targeted paid social media advertising.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign Strategy & Management

PPC campaigns can drive traffic to your site, but in order to be effective they require careful budget management, KPI measurement, ongoing testing and well-crafted messaging. We’ll handle every aspect of PPC campaign management, conducting a PPC audit on existing accounts and uncovering a strategy that’s based on business objectives, performance and customer conversions.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Increase the chance that a customer will experience an “aha” moment on your website and effectively transact through conversion rate optimization strategies. We’ll identify your site’s conversion goals – from submitting a form to completing a registration or booking – and design an experience that maximizes customer engagement and optimizes conversion.

Marketing Automation

We’ve done some really cool stuff to convert non-converted customers and monetize existing customers through our coveted marketing automation strategies. We’ll improve your inbound marketing efficiencies through uber-targeted, consumer behavior-centric dynamic and data-driven database and email marketing.

Measurement & Analytics

Based on the integrated strategy or a la carte services you’re using with Seychelle Media, we can integrate reporting to help identify where search engines are sending traffic, which campaigns are creating conversions, and other metrics to help your business see ROI and profitability from the online marketing strategies we’ve deployed.

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