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It's true: in digital marketing, content is king.

A successful content marketing strategy will make your website more visible within search engines like Google, allowing you to capture more traffic, leads, conversions and revenue.

Content marketing is the foundational cornerstone of search engine optimization (SEO). And Google has long stated they want search to behave more like people behave. That’s why in order to increase your visibility in search, it’s so important to create content that answers consumer questions, that’s empathetic to consumer behaviors, that’s responsive and relevant to their query.

The idea is that if you deliver valuable content to your customers, they’ll reward you with their loyalty and their business. When your content is authentic, consumer-centric, and ultimately makes customers feel smarter as you add to their knowledge bank, Google will reward you with better rankings, too.

5 Reasons You Must Have a Robust Content Marketing Strategy

Reason #1
The more optimized content you create around targeted keywords, the more pages you’ll get indexed, the better rankings you’ll have, more traffic you’ll aggregate and the more conversions you’ll capture. When you become a content marketing machine, you increase the ability for search engines like Google to capture your content and deliver it to customers expressing that same behavioral intent. The more optimized the content is for their intent, the more targeted your incoming customer will be, which leads us to #2.
Reason #2
It can help your bottom line. Your content marketing strategy should work to increase traffic to your site (see #3), but perhaps more importantly, when done well, content can drive just the types of leads you want to attract. Content Marketing Institute’s founder Joe Pulizzi says, “Since the majority of would-be customers are long-time readers, they already understand the value you bring to the table. They don’t come [to your website] for the cheapest service; they come to get the best.” We agree with Joe that birds of a feather flock together; therefore if you invest in content marketing that’s targeted to the type of customer you want to attract, you’ll find yourself with not only high-quality content, but high-quality leads.
Reason #3
Well-planned content increases trust and engagement signals with search engines like Google, enhancing your search rankings. If your users love your content, Google will, too. And, since Google’s algorithm is continuously changing, the strategies you may have used to garner links and traffic in the past will no longer cut it. That means you’re forced to create content that’s actually customer-centric (good for them, and that leads us to Reason #4).
Reason #4
You’ll need to produce high-quality, original content in order to separate your company from competitors. Due to the competitive landscape online amongst your competitors and others trying to rank for the same keywords, you’re going to need to create original content that’s both engaging and valuable to customers. This is great for the consumer, as you’re not spamming them, and they’ll also have a chance to engage in meaningful two-way dialogue with your company. To extend the life and effects of your content, it should also be shareable, ignite discussions and encourage followers to comment.
Reason #5
You’ll become an authority on the web. When you put real thought into creating quality content that’s worth reading, bookmarking, downloading, linking to or sharing, you’ve become the subject matter expert. Google rewards this earned trust with increased rankings and search engine-referred traffic. It’s a win-win situation.

We offer a full suite of Content Marketing Development Services:

  • Optimized website copywriting
  • Content Marketing strategy development
  • Editorial Calendar development & management
  • Competitive Content Analysis
  • Content Inventory & Audit
  • Identification of target personas & buyer stages
  • Interviews of your subject matter experts & customers
  • Copywriting & design of whitepapers, infographics and blog posts
  • Creation of call-to-action and landing page persuasive copy
  • Promotion of your content via your website, email and social media
  • Blog content development & management
  • Mini-site & micro-site development and content strategy
  • Social media content. Learn more about our Social Media Marketing services here
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