What Jurassic World Marketing Did to Become the Highest Grossing Opening Film Ever

With the largest 3-day opening in history, Jurassic World has shattered expectations. But why did Jurassic World have such an enormous opening gross? Did the marketing have anything to do with its success, or was it able to cash in on audience’s memories and nostalgia?

An Elaborate Viral Marketing Campaign

Jurassic World really took advantage of viral marketing. The film’s official website is more than just a well-designed promotional site, it is a fully-interactive experience. JurassicWorld.com is designed as if it were an actual park. The site has an interactive map, camera installations, and digital tours of its many attractions. The site makes the fictional park appear to be a real-life thriving business. To complete the illusion, Jurassicworld.com is claimed to be owned by Masrani Global Corporation and even links its “official” website. This is the fictional corporation that owns and operates Jurassic World.

MasraniGlobal.com is made to look like an actual corporate site and even has pages with job postings, a page for investors, and an about page. While viral marketing isn’t anything new, Jurassic World’s marketing team could have easily fooled the world into thinking Jurassic World was real.

Jurassic World Built a Presence on YouTube

Jurassic World’s marketing team took full advantage of YouTube. The official Jurassic World YouTube channel has a series of corporate/educational videos about the park’s staff and personnel. There is even a few videos about Simon Masrani, played by Irrfan Khan, the film’s billionaire visionary entrepreneur who successfully opened Jurassic World to a worldwide audience. In “Jurassic World Masrani Global 1” we get a glimpse of Masrani and his visionary philosophy. In another video, there is an interview with Simon Masrani with the actor in character. Jurassic World also collaborated with popular Youtube Channels. The film’s star Chris Pratt and paleontological consultant Jack Horner were featured in the latest video by VSauce “Jurassic World Science.” Vsauce is an educational channel with over 8.9 million subscribers.

Breaking Box Office Records

As of June 22, 2015 Jurassic World has already grossed $981 million worldwide. It is in direct competition with Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron and Pixar’s Inside Out. So far Age of Ultron has grossed $1.370 billion worldwide. Will Jurassic World beat that number? Having already broken several box office records, it is very likely that by the end of the summer it might just reach under $2 billion.

Jurassic World shows a strong return for the Jurassic Park franchise. The last film in the franchise, Jurassic Park III (2001) had a very lukewarm reception and a relatively poor box office run. At that point, it seemed as if this was the end of Jurassic Park. It wasn’t until the original Jurassic Park was successfully re-released on its 20th Anniversary that proved audiences were still interested in the franchise. Coupled with a successful adventure game on consoles and PC, the timing was perfect for the release of a new film. Thanks to the unprecedented success of Jurassic World, the franchise has found new life in this generation.

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