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Client Discovery Questionnaire | Seychelle Media Client Strategy
Seychelle Media Client Discovery Process

In order to solve for your business goals, we like to begin with the end result in mind. The purpose of our confidential and proprietary Seychelle Media Client Discovery process is to help us capture a quick snapshot of what you want to accomplish.

The Discovery will give us an understanding of how you’re measuring the success of your engagement in online marketing, branding and public relations. An update on your current state will help us propose ways to enhance – or perhaps redefine – the strategies and tactics you’re using to connect with, capture and convert customers online.

We look forward to making this process fun and easy by asking you these questions either in person or via phone through our initial client discovery meeting.

Since we know you may want to get a head start, we’re posting these questions here. We know we’re very inquisitive! We ask these questions to get you thinking along with us as we determine the best strategies and tactics to carefully craft the future of your digital marketing program.

Seychelle Media | Confidential Client Discovery

Understanding Your Business & Customers

  • What does your company do? Tell us in one sentence.
  • What are your company’s main sources of revenue? (Ex: membership fees, the sale of specific products or upgrades to base product levels, etc).
  • Tell us more about the key customers for each of these sources of revenue. For each customer type, let’s discuss:
    • Name the type of customer (business to business or business to consumer?)
    • If B2B, what does the ideal prospect look like in terms of the type of business, size of business and the need you’re solving for their business? What are the primary sources of these customers today?
    • If B2C, what is the demographic profile of the ideal prospect and what need are you solving for? What are the primary sources of these customers today?
  • Tell us about any new types of products or services you are planning to launch.
  • Tell us about new prospect markets you’re looking to penetrate.
  • In what other ways would you like to see your company grow? (Ex: expand membership base, enhance customer service response times, increase B2B business, etc.)
  • Who do you consider your direct competitors?
  • Have you noticed any seasonal trends in your business? Describe.
  • What is the average lifetime value of a customer?
  • How much can the business spend per customer to acquire a new member?
  • What are your company’s key performance indicators (KPI’s)?

Branding, Communications & Public Relations

If applicable, what budget is currently dedicated to your branding, communications and public relations outreach? How is this budget allocated? (ie. internal staff, vendors, tools and software)

Who is currently responsible for your company’s current branding, communications and public relations strategy and initiatives? To whom does this person report?

  • Describe your vision for your brand. What do you want your company to be known for?
  • Do you feel that your current brand assets (ie. logos, print ads, website design and messaging, PR communications) reflect how you’d like your brand to be perceived by others?
  • What’s your company’s unique value proposition?
  • Are there any confusing aspects of your brand that people don’t understand? Describe.
  • If defined:
    • What’s your company’s tagline or branding statement?
    • What’s your company’s mission or vision?
    • What are your company’s core values?
  • How are you measuring the success of your brand’s perception, overall?

  • Do you currently send press releases? If so, how you are you measuring the success of your press release messaging and distribution?
  • Does your company proactively engage with the media? (ie. pitching story ideas for consideration, engaging in interview opportunities, article submissions)
  • Does your website have a media center? Who’s currently the primary media contact on behalf of your company?
  • Are there any brand reputation issues you would like to overcome? Describe.
  • Do you engage in two-way dialogue with your customers? Through which mediums do you hear the most from your customers? (blog, social media, phone calls, emails)
  • Do you currently have a blog, forum or newsletter? How much interaction do you see from them?
  • How do you plan your editorial content? Who would our main contact be within your organization to plan content?
  • What is the most successful channel that a customer can use to resolve a complaint with your company?
  • In what ways are you listening to your customers in the online space?
  • How are you measuring the success of your public relations and communications outreach?

  • Which social media channels are you currently engaged in?
  • As a prospect and customer communications tool, how are you measuring the success of each social media channel?

Online Marketing

Understanding the current state of your online marketing program
  • What percentage of your company’s revenue is sourced from online marketing initiatives? What percentage do you feel it should be?
  • How many staff members, if any, are dedicated to your company’s online, search and social media marketing efforts?
  • If you do have an internal marketing staff, describe the overall structure, roles and responsibilities and budget allocated to this department.
  • If applicable, describe your marketing department’s relationship with your IT and development team – are there any resources such as web design or development dedicated to the marketing department?
  • How many consumer-facing websites does your company maintain? If more than one website, describe the function of each site.
  • Does your website have a CRM? If so, what CRM do you use (ie: Salesforce, internally built, etc.)?
  • Is your website(s) mobile friendly – if so, through a mobile version or responsive design?
  • How many unique visitors does your company’s website(s) capture monthly?
  • If currently tracked, what percentage of unique traffic is attributed to organic traffic (SEO), paid traffic (display or PPC), social media sources and direct URL type-ins?
  • If currently tracked, please describe seasonal traffic trends to your website.
  • Does your company use any online lead generation forms?
  • Can website visitors complete transactions on your website? If so, what type?
  • Are there any other types of conversion actions a visitor can take on your website?
  • What analytics are you currently using to measure your success online? (ie: Google Analytics, Omniture, Marin or any other traffic, conversion and online ROI analytics and tracking tool)
  • Will you provide us with access to these analytics tools?
  • If applicable, how are you tracking the conversion rates for each conversion type?
  • Are you currently able to attribute revenue to traffic sources? If so, how?
  • If applicable, in what ways have you been able to tie conversions and revenue to your social media engagement and/or campaigns?
  • Are you in the process of making any changes to your website(s)? Describe.

Search Engine Optimization
  • How much revenue are you currently generating from organic search on a monthly basis?
  • What are the basic keywords you want to rank for? Why?
  • Are you currently tracking your organic search engine rankings? If so, how many keywords are you tracking?
  • If you are tracking your rankings, in the past three years has there been a positive or negative growth trend in your rankings and organic traffic?
  • Who are the primary online competitors you want to outrank for your top keywords?
  • Have you, in the past, or are you currently using an outside agency to assist with your SEO success?
  • If so, how did the agency measure and communicate results?
  • Have you been told or do you have reason to believe that your website(s) has suffered any ranking penalties based on Google’s webmaster guidelines, terms of use and recent algorithm changes?

Paid Search
  • Are you currently running any paid search campaigns?
  • If no, have you in the past and why did you discontinue?
  • If yes, what budget is allocated to paid search?
  • How is this budget determined? (ie: lead volume goals, cost per lead goals, cost per acquisition/ROI goals or daily/weekly budget caps)
  • Are you managing these campaigns internally or are you using a “PPC” vendor?
  • If you are using a vendor, please describe how results are reported to you.
  • If you are managing PPC campaigns internally, are you using any software to assist in bid management or are you managing campaigns manually through Google Adwords and Excel?
  • Are you currently running remarketing campaigns?
  • Do your primary conversion action goals take place online (e-comm transaction) or offline (salesperson calls lead)?
  • How are you measuring the success of your paid search initiatives (Cost per lead/CPL or ROI)
  • Are you currently associating your cost data, with your click-thru and revenue data (meaning can you currently associate revenue you generate through paid search with what you spend on a campaign, adgroup or keyword level)?
  • What can your company afford to spend on your primary conversion goals (ie: what can you spend per lead, what can you spend to acquire a new customer transaction).

Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Do you currently have a conversion rate optimization strategy and process defined?
  • Do you currently have your conversion funnels defined (ie: starting with initial ad impression up finishing with a thank you page confirmation and follow-up such as email marketing etc.)?
  • Are you currently tracking which landing pages your visitors are landing on as they enter your website?
  • Are you currently tracking new visitors versus repeat visitors? If so, are you tracking which visitors convert best?
  • Has your website been tested in all internet browsers?
  • Are you using any feedback tools or mechanisms to understand how your users are interacting with your site and what about their experience they find negative or positive?
  • What expert reviews, media mentions, accreditations, customer testimonials, and company milestones and achievements could be made available on your website to help improve conversions?
  • Do you currently or have you in the past worked with a vendor specializing in conversion rate optimization?
  • Do you have in place an “experimental” strategy for design, copy and conversion testing? If so, please describe the process and what tools are used to track the results of conversion experiments.
  • Have you determined the incremental gain in revenue and cash-flow that can be attributed to lifts in conversion rates? If so, what goals are in place to achieve these improvements?

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