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Inbound Marketing Process | The Seychelle Media Approach

The Seychelle Media Approach to Digital Marketing

We believe in taking an integrated approach to digital marketing. When you partner with us, we’ll create a strategy that’s streamlined and customized to the specific needs of your company.

Our ideal clients are looking to make improvements in one or all of these areas:

  1. Increasing website traffic
  2. Increasing web conversions (more leads, more sales)
  3. Obtaining deeper insight into online marketing performance and an online marketing plan governed by measurable ROI-driven strategies and tactics

Is this your company? Then we’d love to help by implementing a digital marketing program built on quantifiable metrics.

The 3 Phases

Our Phased Approach

We use a simple phased approach to understand your needs and how we can help, design a comprehensive strategy with recommendations to meet your digital marketing goals and develop a partnership with your company to provide ongoing support.

Since every client is different in terms of their size and project scope, we’d like to get to know more about your business goals before we present recommendations and cost.

  • Prospective Client Discovery

    (The learning and vetting phase)

    We’ll learn more about your company, what you want to accomplish with online marketing – and if we’re the right match for a partnership.

    We like to start with an initial discovery discussion via conference call or in person to understand if we’re the right agency for your digital marketing strategy and solutions. We’ll also determine how your company can benefit from inbound digital marketing. We’ll learn more about your business goals and challenges and how that relates to your digital marketing strategy goals.

    Here’s how we’ll assess your business goals and potential for digital marketing impact. We’ll work to understand your:

    • Business model and unique value proposition
    • Business goals and challenges
    • Current sales process and customer lifecycle
    • Existing online demand for your products or services
    • Competitive landscape online
    • Customer types
    • Conversion and transaction types
    • Average revenue per customer type
    • Existing KPIs such as web conversion rate, sales conversion rate (if applicable)
    • Lifetime value of a customer
    • Size of customer base
    • Size of prospect base
    • Current digital marketing initiatives and how they’re measured
    • Existing internal IT and marketing resources and their dynamic
    • Digital marketing goals
    • Available budget

    Upon completion of PHASE 1, we’ll provide an initial quote to create your customized Digital Marketing Roadmap.

    For most companies, we typically propose using an integrated approach to create a comprehensive digital marketing plan, leveraging all relevant digital marketing disciplines. These include PR, social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, paid search (PPC and retargeting), conversion rate optimization and marketing automation.

    By request, we’ll quote any of these services as an a la carte subscription. We’ll know more how to present costs to you once we’ve completed PHASE 1.

  • Your Digital Marketing Roadmap

    (You’ve hired us to design your digital marketing strategy)

    Time for audits, assessments & digital marketing recommendations.

    This phase allows us to closely review and assess specific disciplines of digital marketing to help us structure your strategy for the most impact and ROI. Here’s an overview of the areas we’ll take a look at:

    • Brand, Communications and PR Audit & Discovery. We’ll take a look at your online and offline marketing materials, current public relations activities, online reputation and presence, social media assets and presence, brand architecture, look and feel and also your company’s voice and high-level value proposition.
    • SEO Audit & Discovery. We’ll complete a thorough SEO audit, assessing all technical, content and domain authority aspects of your website. Learn more about our SEO Audit process
    • Analytics Audit. We’ll assess your current KPIs, review your web analytics to ensure all website metrics and conversion goals are properly implemented and we’ll analyze your existing traffic and conversion metric data.
    • User Experience & Conversion Rate Optimization Assessment. We’ll learn who your customers are and what they came for. We’ll determine what areas of your website are underperforming, identify top landing pages and look for your existing conversion points and funnels. We will then look for blockages, missing links, calls to action and friction points that may be impairing conversions. Finally, we’ll identify key conversion assets that we can leverage and will assess your mobile experience.
    • Marketing Automation. We’ll review your existing CRM and database and identify relevant data elements. We’ll look at customer types, customers by source and customer status within the sales cycle. We’ll also review current marketing campaign touchpoints, messaging and conversion rates.
    • Paid Search & Digital Display Marketing (PPC, Online Display Advertising, Retargeting, Paid Social Media Marketing & Gmail Sponsored Promotions). We’ll review your current campaigns and structure, assess your adgroups and keywords and review all campaign messaging and supporting creative. We’ll further review all current metric-driven KPIs including where applicable: quality scores, impression share, click-through rates, cost per click, cost per lead and cost per acquisition.
    Delivery of Roadmap & Recommendations

    Our audits and assessments will inform the recommendations we’ll make for your customized Digital Marketing Roadmap. It’ll be prioritized and consistent with meeting your overarching business goals, objectives and ROI thresholds.

  • You’ve hired us on retainer

    Start executing against the Digital Marketing Roadmap.

    We’ll work with your internal teams to implement strategy and a tactical plan to gain more traffic, create more engagement and convert more users into customers.

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