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Lifelong marketer and entrepreneur.

“Most marketing rudely interrupts people in the hopes of pounding a message into a prospective customer’s head. As we get more clutter thrown at us, we’re less willing to act on it. Search marketing catches your customers at a unique moment in time when they are actually seeking information.”

Jason’s always embraced an entrepreneurial spirit, fueled by an interest in constantly capturing what people want and delivering it to them (aka marketing).

His path into market penetration began at the age of 15, when he started his own car detailing service in Orlando, Florida–wrangling the attention of car dealerships and independent dealers who realized they needed a reliable and on-the-spot solution for their high-traffic operations. He delivered, and although this first venture wouldn’t cut it long-term, it was a looking glass into how to capture an existing demand and maximize it.

He’d move on to work for a seminar company at age 18, evolving into a public speaker for seminars that taught entrepreneurs how to become the most authoritative in their field. This interest in education and self-improvement led to the creation of a test preparation business, American Achievement Center (AAC), which he founded in 1998. The AAC became the largest civil service training center in the northeast. At this time, technology was rapidly changing in the career prep industry. To keep pace with changing curriculum and marketing approaches, Jason made a commitment to get up to speed with technology and took the next year to learn everything he possibly could about internet marketing and search engine optimization (SEO).

In 2003, Jason’s mom, an owner of five timeshares, had an unpleasant experience with a timeshare resale company. She went online and found that others shared the same experience, and thought that she and Jason could make a difference. Jason immediately recognized his SEO experience could play a major role in elevating this opportunity. He was right.

That year, with just three employees, Jason created SellMyTimeshareNOW.com. He watched the once-fragmented marketplace for resales quickly emerge as he was starting to feed a hungry, untapped demand. Shortly thereafter, he secured more than 1,000 high-value domains relevant to vacation ownership, including VacationOwnership.com and ResortRentals.com. The company quickly grew to 200 employees and in 2008 attracted the attention of Edison Venture Fund, who identified the company as a forward-thinking, disruptive technology-based business. Edison evaluated and confirmed SellMyTimeshareNow.com’s business plan and growth as Jason and his team generated more than 200,000 inbound buyer, seller and rental leads, generating $100 million in revenue and driving 30 million organic visitors. The Venture Fund contributed $10 million in venture capital towards their expansion plan. Jason sold the company in 2012, and after completing a two-year contract as their chief marketing officer, he went on to co-found Seychelle Media in July 2014.

Jason is a frequent panelist on digital marketing, online sales and communications for the vacation ownership and travel industry.

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